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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

On the way to work

In the aftermath of Sandy, the clouds are rolling away and as I write this, the sun is making an appearance. Earlier this morning, though, the sky and light retained a sense of drama.

Waiting for the shuttle, Harvard Square:


Monday, October 29, 2012

Rain, rain...

Well, and wind. Lots of both. The house is moved by the odd gust now and again, but I hardly think well get the kind of huffery that blows the house down.

Visibility out the window is lame, now, because of all this wind and rain stuff, so I don't see much point in posting more. I could post some clips to YouTube and load them here, but that's more work than its worth and really wouldn't be much more interesting than still photos. What's missing from my little blurbs is the sound of the wind, of the rain that just splattered full force on the window, of the drone that both seem to make with their combined movement. That, and the sirens in the distance.

For follow-up, the city dispatched a crew that came out and removed the limb.



When the bough breaks lands right in front of the house!

This limb is a lot bigger than it looks in the photos. The winds are becoming more sustained and I'm willing to bet that there will be more of this as the trees will be holding more moisture.

It's about ten of two. This branch dropped about ten minutes ago and I'll take that as a sign that Sandy is officially here.

'tis a stiff wind a-blowin'

I grew up with hurricanes. They can wreak havoc and in general, aren't fun when taking into consideration the toll they take. However, when given a day off, I'm the first person to be grateful for my non-essential status.

Sandy looks to be a mother, and not in the happy, warmly sentimental sense. From what I understand, coastal flooding has already begun in New Jersey and other points south. My sense of this is that we'll be spared the brunt of this. The winds are kicking up and subsiding, kicking up, subsiding, but so far, this doesn't seem to be too extreme. My concern lies more with those in the stretch from DC to NYC. May they be safe.

It was great to wake up and meditate and yoga-ate. I've got some reading ahead and I may venture out later to check out what I presume will be an empty Belmont Street.

There's shlock to watch and I'll peruse some Lovecraft and some Poe in honor of the season (it's an annual thing), but/and I have more substantial study to do and there's always more time for contemplation.

For those of you on the region, be safe and warm. Many thanks to all who have sent good wishes our way.

Hm. The wind is picking up more strongly out there.