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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Why write?

Why write?

Several reasons.

To discover and explore one's own content in a way that may not be as immediate and so (too) close to the source as thinking. Indeed, writing can be an aid in exposing what is worth keeping and what discarding. Not all thoughts are equal, and much of the time our heads are filled with rubbish; but we accept this all as originating from "us", as though we were whole entities capable of originating thought.

To discover the limits and the potential limitlessness of our possibilities. To see what inside us might actually be whole.

To share this with others. To open up a shared space of self-other. Out of this, there may come a group effort to a common aim of achieving something like growth and giving flower to that seed inside us that is our truest essence.

In both the infra and interpersonal expression of setting down in words our experiences of self and other and the world, there is a kind of direct pointing at the process of transcending that obtains in developing our very notions of self. Out of this direct pointing comes a genuine insight of how we can and how we do relate to ourselves and each other. The process is encountered and experienced as the dynamic continuum that it is, but that sometimes goes so fast that we miss it. Writing helps slow that down so that we can we be more aware of it.

This blog is not always that, but part of its mission is to subversively provide this ground for some degree of cogitation beyond the merely visceral. If you're new here, you may not see much that reflects that; however, you might.

Similarly, why photograph, paint, dance, sing, play?

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