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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Work in progress 03

These drawings get us closer to what I want to work with. The great spheres of geodesics are one point of departure, but there's also my really wanting to deal with spatial ambiguity. Plus, I've always been attracted to spirals. I'm not sure how this is going to resolve and I haven't even broached the inclusion of any naturalistic elements. More on those in the next couple of days.

Both of these started with a nautilus. I like the hidden aspect of the concentric circles in the drawing on the left, but the more pronounced spiral in the other opened me to the possibility of using it like a skeleton on which I could lay various vectors (which you can't see too well here, I don't think) and other, overlapping circles that eventually arc in opposite directions and result in those petal-like designs. This wasn't foreseen and the math is simple (they're a logical result of the iterating the movement of the arcs from starting in the center of the spiral.)
And then there's this one. Here the approach is to find a vanishing point, draw some circles around it and describe radii as overlapping arcs. When an arc is drawn through points, we have vertices of triangles that seem to lie on a torus. It's been hypothesized that one model of the universe would be a donut or a torus. This seems to be giving way to membranes and multiverses that attach to one another but don't interpenetrate (or do they?); in any event, all this stuff is providing fodder for not just this piece I want to do for my sister, but very possibly for a series of other similarly related works.


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