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Monday, September 3, 2012

A new blog in town

I've been threatening this for a while. This is a lot of text. In fact, it's all text! But it's about topics that matter a little to me and at the same time, that I've fielded a lot of questions on over the years. Ostensibly, it's about Buddhism, but it's larger concerns are the nature of belief, faith, what it means to be awake, what is psychology or for that matter, what is religion or philosophy.

I can't apologize for the Buddhocentric thrust of the blog, but I'm hoping it will spur discussion and reflection. I touch on some of the controversies that are specific to Buddhism and Buddhist studies, but I think these have their corollaries in other faiths and philosophical movements.

It has a beginning and will have a middle and an end; so this won't go on forever. I probably won't be updating it as much as Points of Return because I actually work off of notes and hours of reflecting before I sit down to add content.

Lastly, it does have a structure. Each post is numbered and should be read in that order. The footnotes and bibliographical info I hope will provide additional resources for those who are interested in these matters, as well as provide sources for each post's content.

I have one more blog I'll eventually launch that will be more general in nature and probably broader in scope, but it'll have more pictures! We like pictures!

In the meantime, here are words:


  1. Have been waiting for this one for like.. forever.
    yihi :D