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Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I don't think I have anything terribly enlightening to add to the voices decrying and suffering from the Newtown shootings. I do think that there are some much brighter, smarter and insightful people offering reflection on this tragedy and I defer to them.

This first link is an essay by a woman who's son is afflicted by mental illness. She writes, "I am Adam Kanza's mother" because her son exhibits increasingly destructive and pathological behavior.

Brad Warner, whose work I admire as an author, a Buddhist, and all around thoughtful person has a strong blog post that opens up heartfelt discussions in the threads that follow the main post. There are a number of links worth clicking on throughout.

Last, there's this, from Roger Ebert that was published some years back, but it is worth considering how the media plays to emotions and either intentionally or not, those to sometimes evoke or provoke certain responses.

We live in this often chaotic world of madness of our own making. We are the victims, we are the perpetrators, too. We are capable of so much unthinking madness and destruction of self and others; however, we have a limitless capacity for healing, wholeness, and beauty.

It is a commonplace to say our prayers and thoughts are with the victims of any given tragedy, but I would like to expand that canvas to including all of us in these prayers and thoughts.

Peace to all,


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