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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Point of Departure, Delhi

John Schaut

I dedicate this last post from India en route back to the U.S., to John Schaut. I met John in Florida and wrote a little about him. He passed a number of days ago and I like to think I was able to share a little of this trip with him. I was looking forward to meeting him again, but events take other courses.


I picked up a couple of families!

Here is Dolma and he family (and a couple of wonderful friends, as well) from a day trip we took to Bir. I'll write more on that later. Enough to say that I've grown pretty fond of her and her family.


The Fam


And here are the Budan Nomads, as Lhawang put it! I will miss these guys terribly. We've spent a lot of time talking politics, religion, history, Tibet, the current issues and more. Thanks to Fleur for snapping this photo. Lordy, I'll miss her, too!

Budan nomads

Tabo, Phuntsok, Lhawang, your humble narrator, Rabgay - yo! Budan Represent!





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