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Friday, March 9, 2012

Reading Assignments

I know some of you would like me to just post pretty pictures and stories about, well, probably anything but the Tibetan situation, but I ask you to consider (again) what's wrong with this picture: if things are so swell inside Tibet, why are relatives of friends of mine avoiding going back for fear of detention and "re-education" pogroms (one answer is here)? Why do so many continue to flee Tibet? Why do people set themselves on fire?I'd like it if everyone reading this does a little more research.

"China considers self-immolation an act of violence and terrorism, and has accused the “splittist” Dalai Lama and the “Dalai Lama clique” of encouraging the act." Bitch, please, get over yourself. As for the rest of the world, grow some 'nads and take this to the mat. Oh, the PRC has substantial investment in your country (and mine...)? So? Make Tibet and human rights conditions for repayment on loans and returns on investment. Don't want to impose sanctions on China? Fine, but quit rolling over.

As E.F. Schumacher pointed out, economics is made of meta-economic factors (not just labor, but communities, families and individuals that cannot be reduced to economic units without becoming mere abstractions at best). As for sanctions and defaulting on loans, the Chinese Communist Party is paranoid enough, often with no good reason. I wouldn't want to encourage the pricks, but it would be great to see the party collapse in on itself in a fit of confusion and madness. Problem there is they'd take a lot of innocent people with them; one and a half billion is far too much of a price to pay.

With any hope, the CCP will eventually be ousted by an electorate. In the meantime, their thuggery will continue unabated by a world too cowardly or apathetic to check them. So you think Tibet is just a minor problem that is a "done deal"? Don't rely on me. Do some research. Talk to a Tibetan, but don't for a minute think that Tibet doesn't matter. It's not just a bargaining chip in dealings with the Chinese hegemons; it's an occupied country as much as any other, taken by force and brutalized to near-extinction. My conscience bugs me about this on a regular basis, more so since I'm here in Dharamsala. My hope for both Tibetans inside and outside of Tibet vacillates, but I really do want to yell "Rangzen!" from the Potala. It would be my strongest hope that I would yell it as an affirmation for a Tibet freed from the oppression of one of the most blindly aggressive regimes around right now.

For further reading:

Three Tibetans Die After Self-Immolations (New York Times! So this is being reported by major news outlets!)

Women Energize Tibetan Struggle (Radio Free Asia)

Also, terrific interviews with two of my favorite people in the Tibetan Freedom Movement: Lhasang Tsering and Lhadon Thetong.

And once again, throw some attention and maybe funds and support to:

Students for Free Tibet

Stand Up for Tibet

Tibet Action Institute

Rangzen Alliance

Tibet Connection



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