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Monday, December 26, 2011

Bhagsu Falls

McLeod Ganj is replete with great places to hike around. The Falls are one such place. Here are a few random pictures along the way. 

This young lady branded me with a henna "OM". I walked past her on the way up and then on the way back and thought she was actually selling the wood blocks with different symbols and images. Then I saw the henna and thought, "hmmmm, it's like a tattoo...of course, it'll wash off the next day, right?" Riiiiiight: I still have a light trace on my forearm almost four weeks later! She was really nice but charged me a hundred rupees. Did I try to bargain her down? Of course! Did it work? Of course not. "C'mon, it's just a stamp, right?" "But, sir, business has been very slow today and I'm here all day." That was the essence of the discussion. The rest of the conversation surrounded her going to school and hopes to get a better education. Look up the word "pushover" in the Oxford picture's there.....
I should have gotten the mermaid....

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