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Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Kathmandu Market aka the Office

Kapil, Viki and Leigh and I have taken to meeting at the Kathmandu Market near the Mahabodhi Temple complex. It's actually a repurposed temple to Shiva and the tea stall we meet at has the best chai. Leigh and I tend to go full bore on the chai. I'm not sure our Indian friends like the stuff as much as we do!
It is, after all, a market!

This looks like it might be more Buddhist or Jain than Hindu. I just found it sitting under a tree which might have some significance as there looks like a label of sorts was there one time.

The tower in the background goes back some four hundred years, I think Kapil said. The white banister and concrete structure in front is new and used for weddings. And people's laundry...

More of the old/new.

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