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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

So Close, Yet So Far Away

I was coming around the corner of the Kalachakra tent where His Holiness and other monks were performing the initiatory prayers and recitations. I couldn't help but notice the bamboo cordons on either side of which were throngs of mostly Tibetans. Now was my chance. A photo-op! The crowd around me was only three deep.

That lasted about about five minutes and before long, I wasn't moving. About half an hour went by and the horde was a wall of people but I wasn't giving ground..much. I've been a few meters from His Holiness a couple of times, but I've never caught him on film very well (I have a pretty fuzzy picture of him at RKO Radio City Music Hall, but, well, see for yourself at the end of this post).

The police and security detail were actually really good and got people to stay back without force...Of course, the AK-47s and even the single-action rifles might have had some influence; seriously, though, this was not a rowdy crowd. I really think the security guys were more concerned about people's safety.

One thing, though, that was funnily obvious, was the guy (I'll point him out) who was filming the crowd. Good intel gathering, India!

So did I capture His Holiness? See for yourself:

Can you spot the spy? Could it be the guy in  the cool shades?

And that's the shot of the crowd! Aiming blindly for a photo of time? Maybe?
My only photo of the Man!

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