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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Abu Dhabi! Abu Dhabi!

I really just like saying "Abu Dhabi!" and I really like the airport. Which is really all I'm sadly going to see of the place. It's 9:41pm. I got on a plane around 8 pm, I left a plane at 7:40 pm. I've been playing with time and geometry in my head as a form of meditation. Probably means I should have another beer.

There are some pretty spiffy lounges around here and I may have to avail myself of one. The flight for Delhi leaves around one a.m. and I get in at five. I'm really hoping customs is painless. I feel semi-knackered and figure I won't have any bearings until I'm settled in one place for a bit.

I really want to work-out or stretch or something. There's a work-out room in the airport hotel; I may check it out.

The attached picture is terrible and I apologize. I took a much better one with my iPad and sent it to myself, but the network here is kind of pokey. Or something.

Abu Dhabi! ABU DHABI!!!!

For the record, I would love to come back here and tool around for a couple of days. Flying over the city revealed some interesting patterns in the architecture and the infomercial on Etihad Airlines' channel sold me. I hadn't thought much about a trip to the UAE, but I'm thinking about it now.

Next up: DELHI!!!


  1. I don't know if this is working. I posted a comment, but it hasn't shown up. where did it go? I think I was writing under a different email account. sis

  2. hey, me again.
    Saw Bill Moyers. YOu would have loved it. Wortham packed with likeminded, intelligent, citizens, who care about their country and where it is headed.
    Also saw the Steve Jobs never before seen interview from 1995. THE BEST S.J. interview, a year before he came back to Apple. Incredible vision, honest, completely had the perfect outlook about the company, its products and people. ya gotta see it.
    Horrible Bosses was a riot.