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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Why can't Google play nice with Apple? or at least

why can't I post easily and fluidly from my iPad 2 to Blogger? I can live with having to do my own HTML coding, that's not a grind. But I couldn't upload an image from my iPad? I couldn't save a draft so I could work on it elsewhere...? Truly, WTMF is with that?

Deep breath.

I'll rewrite it as a separate post. Man, between trying to order tickets online for the Houston Cinema Arts Festival (and print them out) and this, I'm practically done with technology. Toss it all. Google, Apple, MicroSoft...f**k 'em all.

Yeah, yeah...user error. No doubt.....

[update: it's not a user error! Fucking Google, man. Failing as I compose this in Windows, just as it failed on my iPad. Blow me, Blogger...]

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