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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Your hotel room? Really?

I don't know how much people care, but hotel rooms to me are not always a dime a dozen. I'm not picky, really, but I've stayed in some places that are quite nice and some that are well, a little dodgy.

In Delhi, I stayed at the Hotel Tara Palace which was convenient, but nothing I'd rave about. It was run by a very nice staff, but overall, I don't know that I'd head back to it. In Jaipur, however, the Rajputana Haveli was really good. As you might be able to see from the pics, the furniture was hand carved from Rajasthan, the room was pretty spacious, and some of the details were nice flourishes. I wish I had thought to shoot some of the rest of the hotel; the lobby and even the stairwell was handsome. I don't know what I paid per night because the whole Golden Triangle tour was a package deal I booked in Delhi with Rameez who runs the travel agency next door to the Tara Palace and who I do recommend for any traveling assistance.

I thought the wallpaper was kind of cool...not the toilet.

Okay. "Ghost Rider" is a crap movie, but tell me this isn't a cool photo that happened by it An Ode to Jack Kirby.

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