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Saturday, November 26, 2011

On the Road to Jaipur

I was pretty happy to be heading out of Delhi. It is a rich, complex city, but one that I don't think I need to see more of.

My driver for the next four days was Ram, who was in constant good spirits and genuinely looked after my well-being. This, despite working every day and with a missing friend of his on his mind, another driver who was younger and who Ram felt may have met with foul play. Nevertheless, he was great. He set up guides for me, ensured that I didn't tip too much (after he saw me piss away a bunch of rupees on a monkey handler) and withal, he was great company. He wants to come to the U.S. and asked if he could come live with me and if I could help him get a visa to stay, etc. I didn't say no, but I hope I got the message across that this wouldn't be likely until/unless I was back in the states and on my feet.

The road to Jaipur saw a couple of tumped over trucks, the real king of the road (a cow), the ubiquitous honking of horns and the regular bottleneck every few kilometers.
Yes. It is "tumped" over.


The real king of the road

We'll come back to this

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