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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Over a month?!

It's been over a month since the last entry and that's mainly because I have been a little busy. I got my visa (finally), have been moderately decent about language study, popped down to Mexico and Belize, got a new phone for international calling, checked out some nifty happenings around town (Anderson Fair, a contemporary art fair, tons of movies, a terrific talk by Bob Thurman, and more); most of these I'll be posting on in the next couple of days.

I leave for Chicago and on to Abu Dhabi next Tuesday and arrive in Delhi next Thursday morning. I may spend a day or two acclimating before heading to Dharamsala. There are some rmaining items on my to-do list to take care of, so the trip will be a bit smoother (not that it isn't, but I try to take care of any potential rough edges before I run into them).

I'm currently writing this on my iPad 2. The keyboard still takes a bit of getting used to for me, but ideally, I would like to not have to use my netbook, at all. It's solely for back-up. It's handy because it's small but it's low on performance. I've pretty much moved my documents to the cloud or over to the iPad, but I use Open Office, so a number of files need to be converted prior to migration.

Since, for now anyway, iPad's version of Safari doesn't support Google's "compose" feature for posting, I'm getting to use HTML for the first time in years. I'm almost curious to see what kind of functions I can work into these posts...until I realize that I'm a little too busy for implementing any really fun stuff.

I believe this is it for now. Back to studying and a little tai chi and who knows? Maybe building an app that will let me use the "compose" function, after all!

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